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Welcome, Wanderer!

You have found your online-community of Psychonauts, Edge-Dwellers and Solar Punk Visionaries!

And for all the Neuro-Divergent Weirdos ready to embrace their beautiful Chaos.

Greetings, Intrepid Explorers of Existence,

The Cosmic Customer Care Department has spotted your unique wavelength flickering through the cosmic void, and we have just the Quest for you.



ChaosSurfing empowers unconventional explorers to gracefully surf the waves  of Chaos in a VUCA world. With a blend of neuroscience and chaos magick, we guide you towards a playful liberation of consciousness and intentional living. Our unique roadmap empowers personal growth, enhances psychedelic integration, and fosters individualized ritual settings. Join our tribe of cosmic surfers in the grand Game of Life on Terra, embracing playfulness, balance, love, liberation, and rapid evolution.


We invite you, the courageous adventurers, existential explorers, transformation seekers, spiral dancers, intrepid entrepreneurs, modern mystics, and philosophical psychonauts to a whirlwind ride of consciousness exploration at the Edge of Chaos.

To all the fractal beings out there grappling with the wild complexities of existence in a VUCA world, seeking to redefine your reality, and unafraid of delving into the realms of the unknown, we welcome you on this plattform.

We’ve are crafting an immersive online adventure that transcends your ordinary reality—a side quest into the neural pathways of your consciousness.


Here, you’ll learn to navigate the intricate dance of disorder and order, to find the balance to surf the Waves of Chaos, to harness the transformative potential of your chaotic experiences, and to redefine the boundaries of your Reality Tunnels.

With wisdom drawn from the vaults of psychedelic pioneers like Timothy Leary, philosophical jesters like Robert Anton Wilson, mystical artists like Antero Alli and pioneers of Chaos Magick, we’ve concocted a cosmic cocktail designed to ignite your intuition, awaken magick and unleash your neurodivergent potential.

This is a call to all you oddballs, dreamers, and edge-dwellers out there. 

If you’re comfortable in the throes of uncertainty, if you view the Chaos of life as the natural rhythm of the Universe, if you’re seeking an unconventional approach to spirituality and personal growth or simply want find new balance in your life, this quest is for you.

We celebrate the fringe thinkers, the non-linear minds, the explorers of the cosmic network.

Are you one of us?

Here’s your chance to explore your Central Nervous System, to deepen your Self-Knowledge, to refine your skills, expand your consciousness, and level up your user experience at the Game of Life on Terra.


If you want to be part of a community of avid Reality Hackers, this is your chance to enter this free portal to begin your explorations. 

If this sparkes your curiosity, we invite you to get a ticket “The Balanced Psychonautics Quest”.


“Reality is what you can get away with.”
– Robert Anton Wilson

Are you ready to surf the chaotic waves of existence and redefine your Reality Tunnel to your taste?

Let the games begin.


Your Agent of Change, Mavis

Greetings, Brave Soul Surfers and Seekers of the Fringe,

Welcome to Base Camp! 


The starting point of your awe-inspiring, multidimensional journey through the captivating cosmos of the mind.

Base Camp is more than just a metaphorical waystation—it’s the gathering point for you and your fellow adventurers, the courageous explorers of the psychedelic sphere, the intrepid philosophers seeking to unravel the mysteries of consciousness, and the daring magicians testing the limits of the known and the unknown.

Here, you’ll find some resources to help guide you through this thrilling upcoming expedition. We’ve distilled wisdom from fringe thinkers and mavericks of the mind, such as Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli, and the unruly pioneers of Chaos Magick to help you explore the ins and outs of your Nervous System functions.

Begin by getting acquainted with this thinkers and our take on the map—part compass, part guidebook, part spellbook. It’s been meticulously charted to help you maintain balance while venturing into the realm of altered states, personal and transpersonal development, and magick.

Remember, every legendary quest begins with a first step. So, unpack your curiosity, flex your imagination, and get ready to dive headfirst into a world of existential exploration. No matter where your journey takes you, know that you’re not alone. Your fellow travelers and the guiding spirits of the Cosmic Customer Care Department are by your side, eager to delve into the dance of existence with you.

Welcome to Base Camp. We can’t wait to see where this adventure will take us all.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!

Your Cosmic Trail Guide,


Join the adventure, learn to surf the waves of Chaos.

"The Balanced Psychonautics Quest" Starting 23.07.23

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